Pleasure, Pain and Drama

Have you ever been curious as to why you may constantly find yourself in situations that are dramatic, chaotic and painful?

Why is it that people around you are always in drama and creating stress? But more importantly why do you find yourself in the middle of all of this all the time?

Maybe you’re addicted to feeling miserable? Do you find pleasure in pain?

It’s a curious question don’t you think!

Let’s look at this… drama gives us something to do.. it keeps us busy and sometimes it offers us a sense of importance.

How many times have you allowed yourself to get caught up in other people’s drama with the thought that you’re helping them? Oh yes so important to help a mate out of a tricky situation only to have it backfire on you.

You’re left with more questions than answers like what the heck just happened. Completely blindsided and in some cases gaslighted.

However your intention was only to help and now your left feeling completely bewildered and lost maybe even resentful.

So what to do?
Drama has a way of offering us a distraction from our own lives by getting caught up in other peoples lives, doing good for the sake of assisting another when in actuality it can take you away from you and place you in a state of being busybody.

Ask yourself.. Is this my business? Am I actually assisting or am I taking on another’s drama to prove my loyalty or friendship? Do I know what it feels like to be a real friend who can stand in his/her truth and support a friend to find their answer without sabotaging or sacrificing my energy to show loyalty?

Can I change this? How would I change this if I was able? Am I addicted to the pleasure of the drama and pain it may cause because I don’t know how to be in my powerful truth and say no to what doesn’t concern me ? How do I support my friend , family members, without losing sight of what actually belongs to me and what belongs to them?

Do I know how to live without creating or attaching to drama to prove my worthiness or focus on what’s really important to my soul growth without finding distractions?

If you answer yes to any of these questions I invite you to take a seat with your self and speak with loving compassion to offer permission to live your life , to offer your support if required yet keeping your boundaries intact and maybe learn to say No and mean No.

When we say no to others from a place of empowerment we offer respect and kindness to ourselves. When we say No and mean it, it actually gives more emphasis for when we say Yes as it has more credibility and comes from a place of authenticity.

Maybe your family dynamics growing up always had an essence of drama attached to the experiences and maybe you didn’t know how to live or feel comfortable in calm and Peace.

When this has been the case our receptors on the cell wall have no idea how to recognise peace and calm but they sure know how to recognise pain. This then confuses our receptors with an illusion that pain is pleasure or can mean through pain and drama we belong. We seek what we know, what has been taught to us. The more pain.. the more drama the more we have to do. It’s our job to sort what we know as comfortable. If drama is comfortable we mistake it for pleasure ..which then becomes confused with pain and our belief is formed that to experience pleasure there must be pain or drama attached.

In order to change this through ThetaHealing we need to teach the receptors of the cell what it feels like to recognise truth. How to live without pain, that abuse is love NOT and how to recognise drama and pain is pleasure NOT

We need to teach the person how to say NO. Feel safe to say NO and that they can still belong to a family and be loved when they say NO

They also need to learn what it feels like to live without drama and still know how to have focus that it’s safe to look after themselves and still know what it is to be worthy and have amazing friends who respect and love them while taking care of their own business

Through Creator (UNCONDITIONAL LOVE) all things are possible and I have seen much of this pattern change with ease grace and glory

So I invite you to say NO when you need to, mean it and focus on your beautiful life…

Trust Creator to show you the truth and be in non judgment of others dramas while protecting yourself from being pulled into the chaos of others pain. Remember: you’re amazing!! A MIRACLE.. a true spark of Creator’s essence. This world , more than ever, needs you to stand up for yourself, focus on what’s right for you, trust in you and Radiate the love you were made from.

I love you
Lisa x

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