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Separation, consumerism and Greed are forces of war on our economy and if we are to overcome this war we must embrace the very thing the economy is trying to kill. We must love.

Love has the power to reconnect where separation has divided. Under the umbrella of love we can gather as one, we can embrace and shower love on the hate, division and disease of the world that is killing our ability to show tolerance, kindness and care to our fellow humans.

Love is the frequency that will unite us as back to wholeness, health and truth. Love heals by the code of do unto others as you would have done to you..what you do to another you do to yourself. We are not separate from one another.. and the time for unity is now.

The war of fighting, suppression and limited thinking is over- hate, prejudice, racialism, violence, selfishness, hoarding is a design for destruction that pushes the momentum for more war where Love is gentle , kind, understanding, considerate, giving, sharing, light and love is you ….love is all there is, it’s only ever been love, you are love, your are made from love. Love is fundamental electron, the building blocks of life Electrons purpose is to build love- words

Those who push for corruption would have you believe it’s all about more money, more debt, more spending BUT actually having to have more is all about fear.

Fear is- karma to the very building blocks of life. YOU are not fear…you are sound, colour. light , creation, love and Creator of all that is. God, Allah, I am, consciousness, Universal light, Source, Unconditional Love – whatever you wish to call it it is love! it is the master cell.

So no more war, only love, love through the Creation, through standing together, gather in community, gather in homes, gather in country. As one together. NOT fighting for what you get but sharing what you have.

Not the haves and haves not, but what is mine is also yours… if you see someone in need and you have the ability to help? Then choose to help and share your love, remember what you show to another will be shown to you.

It’s time now to love you, love me, love your neighbour, love your fellow human. The rewards will come to us all in an abundance of experiences in an abundance of MORE

This is my purpose, your purpose, whatever means you choose to do this to share yourself in love.

The time for me is faded the time for we is here

There are many many words written and I know that what I say has been said many times. Is what I say today heard by those who have ears to hear? By those whose hearts trust, and those who have eyes with the vision to see.

Love is Me
Love is YOU
Love is WE
As one – Co-Creating with Creator to Manifest as one.

Love is in the air we breathe, the co2 we breathe out, the trees that live in reciprocal relationship with us, the miracles that surround us everyday. It is what makes you smile and laugh, the hand held out in help, the heart felt quickening when we witness beauty and the majesty of nature that surrounds you. Love is what makes the pushing momentum of a baby being birthed, it carries the last breath of life as you are midwifed back to the great pool of love you originated from. Love is the vibration of the unseen, the never ending changing tides and ebb and flow of life that shape and hold us secure in Creation of Source energy. It is the expansion of our consciousness meeting with wisdom from the universe as we continue to grow into our highest and versions of ourselves, the soul remembering who you truly are

Love is Measurable it is felt, it is alive and it touches us like a sun set on the whispers of clouds at the end of the day, like a kiss from a lover and a smile given from a stranger, the gathering of friends to surround and offer help when in times of need, love is also the innocents of children playful and joyous.

Focus on all that is Love.

Love is the winning ingredient that dispels the darkness and ignites remembering who we are NOW Act as Love by asking what would LOVE do now? and do it!

By doing this you will win, you will grow and abundance will be with you, always – make the war not of the economy, not of the money, power or greed but focus on love and how to be love.

Create communities for sharing, helping, offering not hoarding.

We are not islands, we are meant to be together, allow love in to shine your light, to glow from the inside out, release any fear to be seen, stand up for your love, love yourself and others like your very life depends on it, for indeed it does, it’s our very existence hangs in the balance.

I, you, we are all sparks of Creator shining. It’s now time to shine and live in our true identity, our divine birthright. You are not your name, your title , your job or what you do but who you are

A SPARK OF LOVE, so powerful, so magnificent, so amazing, so potent, so use love to create the very thing you desire. A world where we all win, where we share our resources and our help, our food, our time, creating communities, families ,one small step at a time.

Ask and seek like minds, tap into the greater consciousness, listen to the inner promptings of your intuition. (the education that lives inside your divine self). the little voices, promptings and dreams that float through you, from a knowing deep within.


This is how to be loving self, acting on self love, creating love for a world where there is no division.

Gather one, gather two, gather three and see your visions grow, use the tools of Creation to manifest the vision, a world of fairness and justice living as you choose with harm to none and offering that to your brother and sister, bloodline and soul line.

Gather your soul family around you…see them, it’s the workmate you see everyday, the checkout person at your local shopping centre, the man or woman pumping gas at the service station, your neighbours, friends and strangers., all coming together to help be the change our world is now asking to be.

Love is the change
Love is the energy
Love is the answer and the answer is YOU!

I know who I am.

A spark of the divine individualised as myself My light is bright my light is love my light is amazing My light is powerful My light is a mirror of all that is my light is you reflecting back to me I am that light and I am you and you are me

Remember KNOW, BE!

I love you 

Lisa x

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