Sound and Colour Healing

Lisa Lister Healer Teacher Sound and Colour Healing

Everything in life, thought, word and action resonates to a vibrational energy. Using the healing power of the natural voice we can move, dislodge, transform and align energetic patterns that hold pain and disease.

All of our cells and organs in our body resonates to a colour, our emotions and thoughts radiate out as different colours.

Colour essences combine herbs, essential oils, aroma, crystals, platonic solids, stellar energies and phonics, magnifying these colour resonances – a trans-formative tool using nature’s colour. This subtle yet deep healing system is bliss to the senses of smell and allows a kind and gentle healing to the body’s soul which offers peace and tranquility to even the most unbalanced ailments

Using colour to support the transition of pain to freedom we can work through the chakra system to anchor the new vibrational frequencies resulting in freedom and balance of mind, body and soul.

Sound Therapy is effective in not only achieving a state of relaxation but it also has a way of moving through blockages in the body.

Sound frequency travels deep into the body where hands and words fail to go. Sound Therapy has been known to help support the body in the treatment of such conditions as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, pain and autism.

To find out more about this treatment and to book a session, please contact Lisa or book directly via the link below. If you are unsure of what to book can I suggest and invite you to make a call with me for 15 minutes where we can see what it actually is that you require. Then we can combine all of the modalities that I offer to suit you in an individualised session plan for yourself.


Sessions are booked for an hour with a 15 min follow up phone consultation a week later, this covers any general questions from the initial session.

We also set in motion a plan to move forward depending on what shows up in the current needs of the client.

Because each person is individual it is not advised to hold an expectation. Everyone will experience the healing differently.. (this will be discussed in the end of the session in aid of supporting your healing.)

I offer a series of four sessions and then invite a monthly check in, however you are the expert in your life and you will know what feels right.

The first session we use ThetaHealing® to uncover the origins of the issue and programmes associated, from here we mix the modalities for Craniosacral, Colour and Sound Healing, and Hakomi Trauma release (if required) and again ThetaHealing. I have found by doing this we cover the four legs of the stool: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

My skills are multifaceted and I mix and merge.

No just come along with an open heart and open mind.. you don’t even need to be suffering from anything limiting. To have a session in a great mind state is also encouraged and we will use manifesting skills to keep the good flowing. It works for all the wonderful experiences you are having in your life and any limiting experiences you are having.

Using sound from my voice I tone into the chakras to clear the hurts or wounded places in the body. This moves dense stuck energy. I also use colour bottles, elixirs that have star frequencies, sound notes, floral and crystal essences and sacred geometry. These are used to support the energetic body and draw in healing from the surrounding aura.

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