“The expert in anything was once a beginner"

Welcome to the wonderful world of ThetaHealing.

Here you will learn how to integrate transformative techniques into your daily life and how the practice of ThetaHealing® can be extremely rewarding. Using these techniques in your current practice will bring extra depth and understanding into what and how you do things. ThetaHealing® gives you the tools to connect to the Creator of All That Is and assists to identify your own limiting issues, and release and transform these to create a life of Love, Joy, Purpose and Freedom.

These workshops are complimentary to your life whether you are new to transformational healing or already have a thriving practice. With a variety of workshops available, from the introductory workshop to more in depth workshops, teaching you how healing of your body, relationships, business, diseases, and even addressing more global issues of world relations are easily learnt to assist yourself, others and the planet.

Each workshop is interactive and the theory is put into practice enabling you to experience on a deep level what your body is holding and what is possible to change by connecting into the Creator of All That Is. Each participant gets an opportunity to tune into yourself in a new way and gently experience the transformation of blocks and old beliefs that have been created in this and other life times. You get to experience working on yourself and other students, enabling you to take these meditative skills to your own practice on yourself, your family and clients.

Described below are the workshops I have trained to teach.


Please click on the heading to find out more about each, including course dates and pricing:
ThetaHealing DNA 1

Imagine what it would be like to heal yourself, family and friends with energy healing! This first course DNA1, gives you a fantastic toolkit of the ThetaHealing® techniques.

Advanced ThetaHealing DNA 2

Lets play and expand your toolkit of strategies that you can take anywhere and use to create a magical life that you will just adore.

Dig Deeper

Discover how to “dig deeper” to find, release and resolve the deep subconscious thoughts and beliefs that can block our healing.


An especially fun seminar! Learn how to harness the power of manifesting and bring abundance into your life.


Lisa is Reiki Master and can train you to heal in this gentle yet potent modality. Reiki is an ancient and profoundly simply system of “Laying on of hands” healing derived from Tibetan ‘Buddhism.

Sound and Colour

Learn a healing modality you can use straight away to be of benefit to the planet and your fellow human. By developing your spiritual awareness with colour, crystal, sound and the chakras

Words of Love


Workshops are run monthly, but you will need to check the timing to make sure you have first completed a prerequisite course. 

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Courses are taught in New Plymouth Taranaki New Zealand and online

Courses are taught in New Plymouth Taranaki New Zealand and online.

Just turn up with an open mind and an open heart.

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