Sound and Colour

Sound and Colour Workshop

Esoteric Healing 2 day workshop

Learn a healing modality you can use straight away to be of benefit to the planet and your fellow human. By developing your spiritual awareness with colour, crystal, sound and the chakras.

Welcome to the sound, crystal and colour 3 day workshop where you will learn the healing properties and meanings of the 7 chakras, aligning crystals, colours and healing tones to create balance and harmony of the physical form and surrounding energetic bodies.

You will learn and practice:

We will use Shamanic prayer and calling in of the elements to support our healing journey. Meditation to still the mind and allow a truthful communication between yourself and your cells.

Learn the overview of the chakras and how to use the corresponding crystal and colours to clear and heal any imprints of limiting frequencies.

Understand the main qualities and how their positive and shadow meanings align to a healthy or unhealthy system. Lean the associated body parts of the chakras and also associated glands.

Learn the skills with sound healing, using your own innate voice to connect to the creative power of the subconscious. Understand how sound can penetrate any substance, move molecules and rearrange realities. Our voice expression is a clear blue print of who we are.

Your voice is free to use and the healing frequency is long and far reaching. Starting with the opening sound of AR to align and open, we travel up through the body to offer space and integration.

Bringing all this together with colour, learn the (12 chakra) system through meditation and which colours resonate and how to use the colour elixirs (provided) to create peace, healing and support to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

But wait there’s more… An introduction into case taking and what to look for in a healing session. Healing etiquette (table manners) and discussions on Creator of All that Is, Angels, Demons and more.

Course includes:
  • 1x boxed set of Chakra Lights
  • 1x boxed set of Aura Light (both consisting of the 12 chakra colours)
  • 1x Set of 7 crystals aligned to each chakra, 1x pendulum
  • 1x your manual,
  • 1x certificates
  • All yummy nutritious morning and afternoon teas. Tea and coffee, herb teas also provided.

An open heart, a warm smile and a desire to deepen your psychic understanding and awareness.

Course Fee:

Investment is $1,200 and on enrolment a non refundable payment of $150 is required to secure your place.

Early bird special: Save $50 on your investment, if paying in full one month before the course start date.

If a student needs to withdraw from a workshop prior to the workshop starting, I ask for as much notice as possible, then the money paid less the enrolment of $150.00 will be given back. Once a workshop has started there will be no refunds given. If Lisa Lister needs to cancel a workshop, feels will be refunded in full, minus the cost of the workbooks.

Course dates and length:

This course is taught face to face, over 3 days.

The next course starts: TBC

To find out more about this course and to book in, please contact Lisa via the link below.


Workshops are run monthly, but you will need to check the timing to make sure you have first completed a prerequisite course. 

Please visit the booking page for more information or feel free to contact Lisa here. Alternatively, we also suggest you sign up to our mailing list to hear about all of our latest news.

Courses are taught in New Plymouth Taranaki New Zealand and online

Courses are taught in New Plymouth Taranaki New Zealand and online.

Just turn up with an open mind and an open heart.

After ThetaHealing® DNA1 you are qualified in the foundation of ThetaHealing® DNA2. DNA3 Intuitive Anatomy will give you more tools to use in your basket of healing modalities.

I offer practice sessions once a month, these are good for utilising the ThetaHealing® modality and becoming familiar with the different exercises and when and how to use them in a client based session.

Yes you sure can!.. That’es the beauty of THETAHEALING

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