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Lisa is Reiki Master and can train you to heal in this gentle yet potent modality

Reiki is an ancient and profoundly simply system of “Laying on of hands” healing derived from Tibetan ‘Buddhism.

Taught form the perspective that Reiki healing belongs to all people, Lisa will teach you all you need to know in Level 1 to be able to develop your skills in level 2 then go on to train to teach others in level 3.  

Trainings consist of one to tow full days training for Reiki 1 and 2 and 3.  The student also learns the Master symbols for each Reiki Level and how to give these symbols and attundments in level 3.

Level One Reiki

This is a fun day of learning and opening up to your healing abilities.  You learn the history, the hand positions that allow the healing to be passed on to your client and also yourself.  you receive the opening attunements that connect you to the Reiki energy ad healing Reiki Masters.

Course fee: $350

Level two Reiki

Another full day of learning and adding on to. your kite of knowledge.  Here we learn how to send the Reiki energy distance to clients, pets, family , friends and the Planet through time and space.  

Course fee: $400

Level three Reiki

This is where the teaching degree, where information is given on passing Reiki to others.  Lisa will teach you more symbols and how to pass the symbols and attunements on to others 

Course Fee: $1000


A desire to learn and heal, to be of service with an open heart with a warm smile.

Course dates and length:

These courses are taught face to face.

The next course starts: TBC

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Workshops are run monthly, but you will need to check the timing to make sure you have first completed a prerequisite course. 

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Courses are taught in New Plymouth Taranaki New Zealand and online

Courses are taught in New Plymouth Taranaki New Zealand and online.

Just turn up with an open mind and an open heart.

After ThetaHealing® DNA1 you are qualified in the foundation of ThetaHealing® DNA2. DNA3 Intuitive Anatomy will give you more tools to use in your basket of healing modalities.

I offer practice sessions once a month, these are good for utilising the ThetaHealing® modality and becoming familiar with the different exercises and when and how to use them in a client based session.

Yes you sure can!.. That’es the beauty of THETAHEALING

I teach the following courses via workshops, for more information on each please click on each course below to find out more:

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