I love the smell and healing properties of essential oils (E.O.), especially dōTERRA’s products and when I get excited about something, I want to share it!  So, I’ve become a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.  I’m sharing this information with you because E.O. are becoming a part of my daily life along with my spiritual coaching practice.  My evenings end with washing off the days makeup with the beautiful scented face wash and witchhazel toner, then I use the ylang ylang eye creme and finally the mint scented moisturiser. I absloutely love these products and finally I brush my teeth with the on- guard toothpaste and rinse mouthwash. Easy as pie and so beautifully scented off to bed I go.  These natural products are assisting me in my goal of a healthy lifestyle for myself, my family and our home.

How do essential oils fit with Spiritual Coaching? Both are centered around you feeling empowered to make healthy choices about your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of self.  E.O. are an additional resource that can aid you in reinforcing your relationship to ALL parts of you.  

Our sense of smell is strongly connected to memory.  Have you ever smelt a fresh baked biscuit and remembered your grandma’s baking?  Or perhaps smelt lavender and were reminded of a time at yoga, or peaceful meditation experience?  By using essential oils in coaching, you can get more than the medicinal benefits of the leaves, flowers, and resins, you can connect the scents with new memory patterns to anchor and strengthen this new alignment.  AWESOME!!  



dōTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy Kit, includes Forgive, Passion, Cheer, Motivate, Peace, and Console!

I am so excited you are ready to delve into the wonderful world of essential oils!

The best (and most economical!) way to get your senses on dōTERRA products is to open your own wholesale account. That will give you access to 25% OFF the retail price. This is the way I get my oils – it’s hands down the most cost effective way. 

Here Are Your Options:
  1. Start with a kit and waive your $40 wholesale account fee. (This is how I started)
  2. Pay $40 (NZ)  or $35 (USA) to open your account then customise your first order to whichever products you want.

to purchase these beautiful products and or sign up for your own wholesale account please click here. 

Easy steps to enrol
  1. Click ‘Join and Save’
  2. Choose Preferred Language
  3. Shipping: In NZ ‘click’ NZ or In USA ‘click’ USA
  4. Choose Wholesale Customer
  5. Enter your personal information
  6. At *Enroller id*, check and enter my number:  8999398 ( my name will appear: Lisa Lister…)
  7. Then click verify
  8. Set yourself up with a password
  9. Click over to the next page
  10. Select what kit you’d like to order OR select the ‘Wholesale Intro fee’ and pick and mix the products
  11. Enter your card details and process your order

 Wahoo! In a few days your order will arrive!

Check your emails for delivery dates.

Remember, if you get stuck, I’m only a click away.

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